Welcome at Casa Madroño, a unique place to experience harmony
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Casa Madroño is harmoniously embedded in the hills of Las Colinas, situated between the south-eastern cities of Alicante, Cartagena and Murcia, at the center of the citrus orchards of Spain

Golf court view from the terrace


Explore luxury living at Casa Madroño, a premier villa in Europe’s top golf resort. Nestled in 200,000 sqm of Las Colinas Golf & Villa resort, our property offers tranquility and adventure. Only a 10-minute drive to renowned beaches, Casa Madroño invites you to explore citrus orchards, bike Torrevieja’s lakes, and enjoy outdoor activities amid picturesque hills.​

Immerse yourself in history by visiting Cartagena, Murcia, or Alicante, or explore charming villages like Orihuela and San Miguel de Salinas. Casa Madroño offers a unique, crowd-free experience, inviting you to savor Spain’s rich culture and breathtaking landscapes. Check availability now for an unforgettable stay at Casa Madroño!

To discover

On a mere 20 km distance from Casa Madroño, one can find the Natural Parc La Mata near Torrevieja. It is a beautiful parc around one of the lakes of Torrevieja, ideally suited for mountain biking and hiking. The parc offers splendid views over the lake, while it allows to select the route such as to vary between easy, moderate and challenging.

The lakes of Torrevieja are salt lakes – the biggest in Europe, and the biggest source for salt production in Continental Europe. The extreme level of saltiness allows the Halobacterium bacteria to live in the water. Its pigments are pink, which gives the lake its typical and unique rose color.

Beachview of the area near Casa Madroño

Situated in the inner land of Torrevieja, Embelsa de La Pedrera is an unspoiled piece of nature, ideally suited for mountainbiking or for a firm hiking tour. Embelsa de La Pedrera is a reservoir built to supply fresh water to the region from Alicante to Cartagena. It has a very intense turquoise color, and is largely unexploited – there is no single hotel or restaurant nearby. Several single tracks make it ideally suited for mountain biking –  a tour from Casa Madroño to the lake and back takes 50 km and 860 altitude meters, enough for a day of  intense relaxation!

Since its opening the Las Colinas golf course has won several awards, the most recent one being the December 2018 World Travel Award of the “World´s Leading Golf & Villa Resort”. The course is designed to blend into the unique nature of hills and valleys. Wide fairways with lovely green, challenging bunkers and plenty of holes with risk-reward shots. The golf course is designed by Cabell B Robinson, the north american architect behind several awarded golf courses around the world such as La Reserva in Sotogrande in Spain, Praia del Rey in Portugal, Aphrodite in Cyprus and Golf de Limere in France. Cabell B Robinson says “A unique thing with this course is that it runs through valley, which gives it privacy and separates it from the surrounding area”. Casa Madroño is a first line property with direct access to the golf course.  


Torrevieja, the most nearby seaside city situated on a 20 minutes drive, offers a variety of activities to complement your stay at Casa Madroño.

Its boulevard, decorated with exotic palm trees, is extended by a 1.2 km pier offering a magnificent view over the city and its port. All you need for a relaxing walk or to enjoy life at the many bistro’s, cafés and restaurants. Here one can find the typical tapas, helados and Spanish wines in a most relaxing setting and at affordable rates.

Torrevieja is but one city at the border of the Costa Blanca within reach of Casa Madroño – moving up north brings you to the likes of Elche, Alicante, Calp and ultimately Valencia, while moving down south brings you to San Pedro del Pinatar, Los Alcázares and Cartagena – not to mention the numerous little villages in between and inland.

Take your time and pick your choice – don’t enter into the stress of willing to capture it all – it will still be there for your next stay!


Casa Madroño is on a convenient 15 minutes drive from the Costa Blanca – with ample parking space and without the traffic jams typical for many other holiday resorts. The shoreside offers a blended mix of sandy beaches, perfect for sunbathing, and rock formations, perfect for hiking. From north to south, recommended beaches are Guardamar del Segura, Campomar, Playa Flamenca, Dehesa de Campoamor (where the exclusive Las Colinas Beach Club is located) and Mil Palmeras.

For true nature lovers the natural parcs Parque Natural de la Mata, Parque Natural de Torrevieja, Parque Regional de las Salinas y Arenales de San Pedro del Pinatar are highly recommended – in addition to the many hiking and biking trails that can be found inland near Orihuela and beyond.

The area near Casa Madroño has a rich history going back to the centuries before Christ, when Rome and Cartago fought fierce battles for dominance over the Mediterranean sea and the surrounding countries. The best place to visit the remains of this heroic period is without doubt Cartagena. Here, one can visit the Quarter of the Roman Forum, the Roman Theater, an Archeological Museum and several castles.

Cartagena also has one of the largest natural ports, at the origin of its mere constitution and still in use today, adding to its charm just like its touristic center with its many bars, restaurants and shops.


A 330-hectare valley between hills, near the sea, with a championship golf course running through it.

An eco-friendly development with low housing intensity,

which blends into the surroundings. The ideal place to escape to

and enjoy 200,000 sq. metres of beautiful countryside

and scenic walks through indigenous flora,

and orange and lemon groves

View of the gold court with residences in the background